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Vision Avenue Collection Now Available Online and In-Store!

Vision Avenue
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We are proud to introduce Vision Avenue, the complete packages are available in store or online through this link.

Nikon Promotion

Nikon Promotion

For a limited time Nikon is offering a two pair promotion for lenses.

Purchase one set of lenses at regular price, and get a second set of Nikon lenses for a dramatically discounted price.

Choose your second set of lenses:
single vision for $169
computer lenses for $259
progressives for $309

Alcon Promotion

Alcon Promotion

Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus Lenses - Spheric Lenses

We are having an in office promotion on all of our in stock Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus lenses.

When you purchase a 6 month supply of contact lenses (4 boxes) you will get 10% off the total purchase price.
When you purchase a year supply of contact lenses (8 boxes) you will get 20% off the total purchase price.

Take advantage of the savings while you can!