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Seeking the right cleaning solutions for your contact lenses?
Your optometrist can help you choose the cleaning solution that’s right for you.

Multi-purpose products

Multi-purpose solutions clean and disinfect lenses and keep them hydrated while you wear them, ensuring comfort throughout the day. Multi-purpose solutions simplify maintenance as they decontaminate and rinse the lenses in a single-step. Try not to mix multi-purpose solutions, as they all have different chemical compounds.

Hydrogen peroxide products

An oxygenated water based solution, hydrogen peroxide is a strong decontaminant. Once it has cleaned the lenses, hydrogen peroxide must be neutralized before coming into contact with the eye. This transformation process leads to the formation of oxygenated bubbles which “shake” the lens, thus detaching particles stuck to the lens surface. Come morning, the lenses are sitting in saline solution, perfectly neutralized and safe to be placed on the eye without causing irritation.

Protein removers

Protein and other deposits found in tears accumulate producing bacteria on the lens which causes discomfort and blurred vision. In order to remove protein deposits, a weekly enzyme treatment is recommended. Talk to your optometrist for more details.

Saline solution (rinse and lubricate lenses)

A neutral product used to rinse, remove residual deposits and lubricate lenses in order for them to be more comfortable to wear. Saline comes in spray, tablet or liquid forms. Never store lenses in saline solution.